Lowball Tumbler

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The perfect size for on-the-go beverages, the Mini Tumbler is designed for those looking for a light and easy to handle tumbler that will keep your brew hot, and cold drinks chilled. Enjoy your beverages at the right temperature right to the very last drop, thanks to the double-wall vacuum insulation design. Ditch the fragile mugs and experience a double-wall stainless steel tumbler that is built to last.

    • Manufactured from premium grade 304 stainless steel
    • Keeps Cold for up to 24 Hours, Keeps Hot for up to 8 Hours
    • Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Design

Triple Layer Vacuum Insulation

Our specially designed double wall vacuum insulated 304 stainless steel tumbler comes with Triple layered insulation for extreme temperature retention. Thanks to an internal copper plate between the double wall, our 3-layer insulation design maintains temperature whether hot or cold so you can enjoy your drink to the very last drop.

Great for Tea or Coffee

With insulating properties making this perfect for tea or coffee lovers, our tumbler is practical and ideal for all seasons.

With a rubber sealed clear sip lid, this clever design also makes getting your daily dose of Tea with ease. The tea bag string slips between the seal and the cup, making it super convenient, holds your tea bag in place and lets you brew tea right in the tumbler and enjoy on the go.

Our Insulated Tumblers keeps drinks hot for up to 8 hours.

Zero Condensation Design

Unlike your standard drinkware, our tumblers are so insulated that they are entirely sweat-proof, leaving the exterior dry. No more pesky water rings or heat marks on your beloved coffee table and no need for coasters.

Keeps Ice at Bay

Perfect for summer, our lids keep ice at bay so you can enjoy chilled drinks at ease.

Go Green

Ditch the use plastic bottles and go with stainless steel drinkware that will be re-usable for a life-time. Completely BPA and liner free, no metallic taste.

Lids to choose from

We’ve designed our lid to be as convenient as possible while providing optimum temperature retention – the standard sip lid comes with a small but generous opening to drink from without having to flip open or unscrew any lids.

And if you’re on the move, choose the option for the leak-proof lid* and pop open for easy refreshments.

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Lowball Tumbler
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