Top 10 Reasons why you should buy a Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler

10 Reasons why you should buy a Reusable Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler

New to Australia, Insulated Tumblers are an excellent option and a must-have especially with the Summer season fast approaching. Sip in style & efficiency as you'll be able to experience drinks at the right temperature, season-round. Check out our Top 10 reasons why a Re-usable Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler is a must have.

10. Easy to Drink from

Arctico Clear Lid

Accessibility of the insulated tumbler is one of the key reasons why you should definitely look to upgrade over standard cup-ware or thermal mug.

Not only does an insulated tumbler look great, most well designed insulated tumblers should come with an easy access lid, like the Arctico Clear Lid, which allows for you to pick up and drink, without having to unscrew or tamper with any openings.

Tumblers can also come with stainless steel straws, because there’s simply something about a straw that makes drinking more fun. Said straws are all also reusuable, and should come with a cleaning kit to keep them in tip top condition and minimises replacements.

Keep a tumbler in your car, at the gym and in your office, and you’ll love how convenient it is to keep yourself hydrated while focusing on the bigger picture.

9. Easy to clean

Arctico Tumbler Easy to Clean

Cleaning is one of the after-thoughts that no one likes to deal with. Thankfully, most modern insulated tumblers like the Arctico 20oz or 30oz comes with a 80mm and 90mm diameter opening. Unlike thermal insulated bottles with a small bottle neck opening, you can simply stick your hand in with a sponge, and clean away.

8. Fits big Ice Cubes

On a hot sunny day, there’s nothing more refreshing than a thirst quenching chilled beer, water, juice or soft drink to keep you hydrated through the day. You may have just purchased or kept some drinks outside of the fridge which need some serious chilling before its ready to be thoroughly enjoyed.

If you’ve only got a thermal goose-neck bottle, you may not be able to fit the standard ice cube in the opening. And if you’re putting it in a non-insulated cup, you’re going to have melted ice cubes at a very quick rate, diluting your drink and reducing the quality that you should be expecting.

Insulated Tumblers are designed with this in mind – a large opening to fit ice cubes, and many of them, while keeping the ice intact and locking in the temperature. Keep in mind that some ice will melt in the process of chilling the room-temperature liquid, but once the temperature is stabilised and hit its lowest point possible, you should expect some chilled, thirst quenching beverages that can be enjoyed slowly throughout the day.

On top of that, most tumblers come with a Clear-lid like the Arctico Range that keeps the ice in the tumbler, and only lets the liquid out.

Arctico Tumbler Ice trapped in lid

7. BPA Free & Non-Toxic

Avoid the BPA drama with a Stainless Steel Tumbler. Stainless Steel is healthier – Plastic contains chemicals, such as BPA (Bisphenol A), which is used as lining to protect food from contamination and extend shelf life.

There are certainly BPA-Free bottles or cups on the market, thanks to the numerous studies on examining BPA and it’s effects on the human body. While you may think that a BPA-Free label is safe, chances are, there could be other harmful and lesser known chemicals substituted in to replace BPA.

These chemicals are leached all the time (by off-gasing) but most especially anytime they are in the heat, such as being left in the car or outdoors.

Other metal water bottles, such as aluminium, may be just as unsafe as a plastic bottle. Unlike stainless steel, Aluminium is not typically considered a food-grade metal, and must come with a plastic liner, which can contain BPA and/or other harmful chemicals. On the other hand, stainless steel requires no liner to keep you safe and healthy, so look for smooth metal inside your bottle, and make sure it is 304 or 18/8 stainless steel.

6. No Condensation

Condensation single wall cup

Unlike non-insulated single wall plastic bottles or glass cups that will ‘sweat’ on the outside with cold beverages, well designed insulated double wall tumblers should never produce any condensation and leave those pesky water rings around.

The science behind condensation on cold drinks is simple – the chilled beverage cools the air around the exterior of the beverage container (cup, bottle or flask), and turns water vapour in the air into water droplets. That said, the double-wall properties keeps the chilled temperature inside of the tumbler and doesn’t allow it to cool the atmosphere around it, preventing any form of condensation.

If you’re a big fan of chilled drinks, you’ll find that any beverage holder that ‘sweats’ and experiences condensation will also be inefficient in making sure your drinks stay cold. We also recommend Double Wall insulated Stubby Holders/Beer Coolers like the Stubbo 12oz to keep your beer bottles from sweating on a hot sunny day.

5. Great for Tea Bags

Arctico Tumbler 20oz Morning Tea

Insulated Tumblers with a rubber seal will make getting your daily dose Tea with Tea Bags a cinch. The tea bag string slips between the seal and the cup, making it super convenient, holds your tea bag in place and lets you brew tea right in the tumbler and enjoy on the go.

4. Extremely Durable for everyday use.

This one might seem obvious. Stainless Steel Tumblers are generally crafted from culinary-grade stainless steel that will hold up for long term use. It won’t melt in the sun, or crack when accidents happen.

3. Great for All-Season Long

Arctico Lowball Tumbler 10oz Fresh Coffee Brew Arctico 20oz Original Tumbler Icy Cold Drinks

We humans can be pretty contrary at the best of times. When it’s cold, we want to warm up with hot cocoa, tea, coffee or just plain hot water. When it’s hot, we want to cool down with iced drinks, chilled beer, iced tea or simply iced water.

The most remarkable characteristic of an insulated tumbler is the impenetrable insulation it offers. While there are many types of insulation such as foam, air, or plastic, steel double vacuum insulation, the most reliable and best temperature retention technology is currently stainless steel double wall copper vacuum insulation. How it works is by eliminating temperature change by creating an almost perfect vacuum space or air-less lock between the inner and outer stainless steel walls. There’s also an inner copper plated wall to help add a third layer to the insulation system. To learn more about Double Wall Vacuum insulation, click this link here

By locking in the temperature of your beverages, you’ll also get more out of your drink to the very last sip. You’ll definitely find more enjoyment in your beverages and won’t waste as much.

I’m sure everyone has (at least once) accidentally left coffee out and returned to find it cold and no longer appealing. Instead, an insulated tumbler keeps it hot throughout the day and there’s definitely no reason to throw it out!

If you’re a tea drinker, you’ll be pleased to find that tea gets brewed for longer at the right temperature, extracting the right flavour you should expect from your tea bags. For more information on tea, check out our blog post on tea temperatures.

And when it comes to ice in drinks, you just want the chill factor without all the other stuff, like melting ice cubes that will dilute the flavour of your drink.

2. Multi-purpose – Not just for beverages!

Arctico Tumbler 20oz Fruit Smoothie

We’ve mentioned before how insulated tumblers are incredibly versatile all season round. Aside from your regular beverages like coffee, tea, soft drinks, wine or beer, the wide opening allows the tumbler to be a versatile food container for your favourite cold treats or hot stews and soup.

Here are some of our favourite non-beverages which are perfect for an insulated tumbler.

Cold Treats / Hot Food:

  • Ice Cream
  • Sundae
  • Frozen Yoghurt
  • Fruit Smoothie
  • Soups
  • Stews
  • EXTRA TIP: If you’re going camping/fishing/hiking and need a container for ice, look no further than a spare tumbler to keep your ice fresh and your cargo fresher.

    1. Environmentally Friendly

    Plastic Pollution

    Thanks in large to David Attenborough’s ‘Blue Planet effect’, awareness on plastic pollution has been finally been brought firmly into the popular domain. Plastic has become ubiquitous through the world’s oceans, with fragments found in deep ocean trenches and the Arctic ice sheets.

    On average, Australians use 130kg of plastic each year, but only 12% is recycled. More frightening still, up to 130,000 tonnes of plastic will find its way into the ocean. 95% of plastic packaging is discarded after single use and a staggering 85% of Australian seabirds are affected by plastic pollution, according to WWF Australia.

    It is said by 2050, there will be a higher volume of plastic in the oceans than fish, which many of us eat, posing the other major issue of human health.

    We believe that small actions like choosing a plastic free, re-usable product such as an insulated stainless steel tumbler as your go-to re-usable beverage container can make a huge difference for the future of our planet.

    Not only are you saving the environment, you’ll be saving money in the long run. Make small steps and reduce waste all-round. Instead of disposing your now cold latte, put it in an insulated tumbler and keep it warm to enjoy it over a longer period of time.


    If you’re a fan of drinking beverages at the right temperature, look no further than an insulated tumbler. Well designed multi-purpose insulated tumblers will not only save you money in the long run, they minimise unnecessary waste, helps the environment, is easier to clean and easier to drink from than standard insulated vessels.

    At Arctico, we know drinks taste the best when they’re ice cold, or piping hot. We’ve designed our range 10oz (295ml), 20oz (590ml) and 30oz (890ml) of Reusable Insulated Tumblers to be ergonomic, versatile, and eco-friendly to have you covered this coming summer.

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