STUBBO Beer Cooler / Stubby Holder

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There’s nothing worse than a warm brew on a hot summer day. Our good ol’ STUBBO is on a mission to lock in the right temperature of your beverage with it’s specially designed 304 double wall stainless steel construction. Ditch the old fashioned neoprene stubby holder and upgrade today.

    • Manufactured from premium grade 304 stainless steel
    • Designed for standard long-neck bottles & cans
    • Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Design
    • Screw on Rubber Gasket to keep drink in place
    • Zero-Condensation Design

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Upgrade to Stainless Steel

Ditch the old fashioned, floppy neoprene stubby holder and upgrade to an over-engineered 304 Double Wall Stainless Steel STUBBO that is guaranteed to keep your drink at least 3 times colder when it matters. Besides, there’s nothing tougher and more durable than a stainless steel stubby holder that you can count on to ensure that your last drink is just as cold as your first.

Fits Standard Cans and Bottles

STUBBO doesn't discriminate and welcomes all standard sized cans and long-neck bottles. Designed for 375ml standard cans, and standard long neck beer bottles (may not fit VB/Carlton Draught)

Rubber Gasket

A simple screw on rubber gasket keeps your drinks snug. A quick unscrew unlocks your drink when you’re done – ready for a quick reload if you’re just getting started.

2-in-1 Design

Remove the Rubber Gasket and turn STUBBO into a double-wall insulated tumbler ready to hold your favourite spirits, coffee, tea, beer or standard beverages and keep them at the right serving temperature.

Zero-Condensation Design

Under the scorching Aussie heat, your beers can sweat, leaving a pesky water ring on your beloved table. Our STUBBO keeps the condensation at a minimum, and you won’t ever need to lay down a coaster.

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STUBBO Beer Cooler / Stubby Holder
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